The 8 pnw Rookie Rolls Results

Only "applicable" attributes are shown for each position. Those include, for QB: MS, PS, PC, AB; for RB: RS, MS, HP, BC, REC; for WR: RS, MS, BC, REC; for TE: MS, HP, BC, REC; for OL: MS, HP; for DL, LB, & DB: MS, HP, INT; for K: KA, AKB; for P: KP.
Refer to the appendix at the bottom of this page for the standard attribute ratings for the "non-applicable" attributes.

Rd.Pick Team Roll Draftee Attributes

"Non-applicable" attributes are attributes that are either constant throughout the position or are linked to a certain MS attribute for defensive positions. These are not the irrelevant attributes of QUI or PA. Here is how they are broken down:

QB - RS:25, RP:69, HP:13;
RB - RP:69;
WR - RP:69, HP:13;
TE - RS:25, RP:69;
OL - RS:25, RP:69;
DL & LB - if MS > 56 => RS:44, RP:56; if MS = 56 => RS:38, RP:50; if MS = 50 => RS:31, RP:44; if MS = 44 => RS:25, RP:38; if MS < 44 => RS:25, RP:31;
DB - if MS > 63 => RS:44, RP:56; if MS = 63 => RS:38, RP:50; if MS = 56 => RS:38, RP:44; if MS = 50 => RS:31, RP:38; if MS < 50 => RS:25, RP:31;
  • WAS. 17@
     BUF. 10