These rules must be abided by or ejection from league will most likely ensue.

1. Be a good sport. If someone is not a good sport, they will be warned. If they are warned multiple times, they will be kicked out.

2. Changing playbooks is permitted. We use the in-game playbook change hack.

3. No Using the 4th man down on FG and XP.

4. Onside kicks are ONLY allowed in the 4th quarter when a team is losing. If a team accidentally kicks onsides and recovers, they must punt to the endzone (as to avoid a fumble on a punt return). NO POUCH KICKS, we know what you are doing, don't ask how far either, YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

5. Please say GL and GG. Those stand for Good Luck and Good Game.

6. Using the Defensive Linemen is allowed. NO LURCHING. If you want to go after anyone behind the Line of Scrimmage as a DL you must either grapple with an OL or go around the far side of either Offensive Tackle

7. You must allow the team on defense to pick their defender before the ball is snapped.

8. The winner is responsible for getting the save state file.

8a. Allow him time to get the file.

9. Due to the awesomeness of the preseason injury hack, games can be played in season or preseason mode.

10. RBs can only play RB. WRs can only play WR. TEs may only play TE. Centers, guards, and tackles are interchangeable. ILB and OLB are interchangeable. S and CBs are interchangable.
  • WAS. 17@
     BUF. 10